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Cordelia Collection

King Lear’s youngest and favourite daughter, Cordelia is not afraid to speak her mind. Beautiful, kind, loving and honest, she rebels against what is expected of her. Throughout the play, she is true to herself and opens about her feelings: authentic until the very end. In many ways, she’s a very modern heroine. Which is why she lends her name to one of our most contemporary engagement ring styles, created for those who love rose gold.

The Cordelia ring was designed by Pragnell’s head craftsman as a way to incorporate increasingly popular rose gold into a classic platinum engagement ring. The central brilliant-cut diamond is flanked by two stylishly crafted bands of rose gold: a subtle point of difference that distinguishes the wearer as somebody who doesn’t like to follow the crowd.

From the side, you can admire Cordelia’s wide-open setting, which allows light to flood into and around the diamond, increasing its sparkle and life. The band is elegantly tapered, becoming narrower towards the central stone in order to draw the eye towards the diamond. A rounded shank offers a romantic, vintage touch.

The Cordelia ring works beautifully with a rose-gold wedding band. We also offer a three-stone version: a traditional style that was popular in the Victorian era believed to symbolise a couple’s past, present and future. This classic style has been given a contemporary update thanks to the addition of rose gold.

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