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Celia Collection

The more reserved of the two cousins at the centre of Shakespeare’s As You Like It, Celia has a quiet, refined type of beauty – the type that makes you want to lean in closer. Her relationship with Rosalind is central to the play; Celia is full of love, trust and loyalty to her cousin, and their bond is described as ‘closer than sisters’.

Celia’s pared-back but unmistakable beauty is reflected in the Celia engagement ring. It was inspired by the five-stone diamond rings popular in the Georgian and Victorian eras. Five-stone rings are believed to symbolise the link between two people: a token of their eternally powerful bond.

Different diamond cuts lend each ring a different feel. The brilliant-cut Celia sees two graduating-sized round brilliant diamonds set on either side of a larger central stone. The Asscher version adds an Art Deco touch, with brilliant-cut stones in square settings bordering the geometric central diamond. Elsewhere, an elegant oval diamond is flanked by brilliant-cut diamonds in pear-shaped settings.

Each ring features a contrast between the 18ct yellow gold band and the diamonds mounted in platinum, which is finished with a traditional millegrain setting. Meaning “a thousand grains” in French, millegrain was frequently used in Victorian and Edwardian jewellery.

The distinctive ‘beaded’ texture is achieved by rolling a furrowed wheel across the edge of the platinum, leaving an intricate band of tiny grains. This complex technique is carried out by hand by Pragnell’s skilled craftspeople, adding a finely finished ornateness that begs to be admired up close.

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