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The Pragnell Seal

At Pragnell, we are proud of our heritage and of the quality of our creations, which showcase the finest gemstones and impeccable craftsmanship. Each exclusive piece of Pragnell jewellery is marked with the Pragnell Seal: a guarantee of quality materials and fine Great British craftsmanship.

Impeccable Craftmanship

We believe that fine gemstones deserve to be treated with reverence and respect. We employ some of Great Britain’s most skilled craftspeople, and hold ourselves to high standards when it comes to the quality and consistency of our jewellery.

Pragnell Masterpieces

Tradition Meets Technology

At Pragnell, tradition and innovation work in harmony. We believe in preserving the ancient craft of jewellery making, while incorporating the industry’s latest technologies. At Pragnell’s in-house workshops, these ancient skills and modern technologies come together in handcrafted jewellery, finished to superlative standards.

Bespoke Rings