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Tarratt has joined the Pragnell family Jewellery company

Welcome to the Pragnell website where you can browse our complete offering across the company including handcrafted jewellery, fine Swiss watches and a full range of jewellery and watch services.

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The Pragnell Seal

At Pragnell, the art of handcrafted jewellery is held in the highest regard, and symbolised by the Pragnell Seal and Hallmark

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Pragnell Seal

The finest gemstones demand the highest standard of craftsman-ship, which is why we follow such meticulous, refined processes and employ the country’s finest craftsmen. We pride ourselves on guaranteeing an impeccable level of quality and consistency, whether that’s attributed to the craftsmen, the technology or the gemstones. At Pragnell, tradition and innovation work in harmony. We believe in preserving the ancient craft of jewellery making, whilst staying up to date with the latest technologies that our in-dustry has to offer. The Pragnell Seal is not only a guarantee of fine British craftsmanship, but indicates a design that is exclusive to our house.

Pragnell Masterpieces


First established 700 years ago, British hallmarking is one of the earliest forms of consumer protection. What may appear to be a centuries old tradition, is law in the United Kingdom. This miniature stamp is a seal found on silverware or jewellery to certify the metal purity. The first UK Assay Office opened in Lon-don in 1327, and to this day, they are the only body that can apply a hallmark. Our unique hallmark can be found on all of our jewellery. This simple mark confirms our jewellery meets the highest level of approval, giving our customers a guarantee of quality.

Pragnell Fine Jewellery