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Mogok Ruby

Valley of the Rubies: Mogok Rubies

Mogok, a town four miles long and two miles wide in northern Myanmar (formerly Burma), is famous the world over for its rubies. The so-called ‘valley of the rubies’ owes its fame to a long-exhausted stream of rich, bright red stones that are among the most prized gemstones on the market today.



Burmese rubies are distinguished by their pure red colour and translucent appearance, which allows light to bounce around them in an exceptionally lively way. So-called ‘pigeon’s blood’ rubies, the colour of pomegranate seeds, are the benchmark of quality against which every other ruby is compared - and 90 percent of these come from Mogok mines.

It’s not just their quality that accounts for Burmese rubies’ status as the world’s most valuable coloured gemstone. Burmese warriors believed rubies would protect them in battle; ancient folklore attributes them with mythical qualities of luck and protection. The Sanskrit word for ruby, ratnaraj, means ‘king of precious stones’, and for centuries they have been linked to royalty, appearing in crown jewels across the globe. Their fiery colour makes them a favourite of Hollywood royalty and socialites alike.

Today many of the finest stones belong to aristocratic European families; testament, perhaps, to the ruby’s associations with wealth and power. Pragnell selects the brightest, cleanest, unheated Burmese rubies - the rarest of the rare - for clients who are willing to invest in the pinnacle of quality. With the colour red linked to luck and prosperity in Asia, they do so safe in the knowledge that as demand increases, the Burmese ruby’s desirability will rise even further.

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