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Tarratt joins the Pragnell family jewellery company

Established in 1913, George Tarratt was acquired by the Pragnell family in 1996. For reasons of authenticity and to the benefit of Tarratt’s customers the firm has now joined the Pragnell family company in its entirety.

As in our Stratford-upon-Avon and Mayfair locations, we shall continue to invest in the jewellery offering, the building and the service standards in Market Street, Leicester. This new chapter also involves a sig-nificant investment in developing our digital customer service allowing visitors to browse our complete offering across the company at

Like Pragnell, Tarratt have been renowned for their unrivalled level of customer service, something that will remain paramount. Furthermore, Leicestershire based clients will now benefit from an even wider range of expertise from the Pragnell team, not to mention an array of handcrafted rare jewels bestowed with the Pragnell Seal.

The team in Leicester look forward to welcoming you to this exciting new chapter in Market Street.