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The Power of Diamonds

Diamonds have been a source of intrigue and fascination since the dawn of civilisation. The word diamond comes from the Greek word 'adamas' meaning invincible. It's this enduring strength, combined with captivating beauty that has made diamonds the most prized of all gemstones.

The Power of DiamondsThe origin of diamonds continues to astound us to this day. Created under incomprehensible pressure and temperature at least three million years ago, diamonds form hundreds of miles beneath the earth's crust until they are forced to the surface by Mother Nature. They withstand this ordeal and in the case of the finest polished diamonds, remain completely transparent, the hardest natural substance on the planet, producing astonishing brilliance and in their fire, all the colours of a rainbow.

The association of diamonds and divinity stems back through the ages. The Greeks believed that diamonds were the tears of gods, the embodiment of celestial spirits and some Hindus believe that the bones of their gods were made of these magical stones. The invincibility of diamonds was thought to be passed on to their owners, from the time of Indian Maharajas, to the Romans, to when Louis IX of France declared that diamonds were exclusively reserved for royalty.

The connotation of diamonds and love came to the fore in 1475 when Constanzo Sforza presented a diamond ring to his bride on their wedding day, with the message 'two hearts… bonded in marriage by a diamond'. During the Renaissance, diamond rings grew in popularity and became highly decorative, incorporating carvings, enamels and other gemstones. Today the diamond remains a universal expression of success, commitment, beauty and love.

The power that the beauty and strength of diamonds have held over mankind for thousands of years continues to endure, just like the gemstones themselves.