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The Tank watch was created in 1917 out of a vision, a solid concept that was the culmination of a lengthy process of deliberation. Here was an instrument for telling the time that completely eschewed tradition, turned custom on its head, brought modern design into the ateliers and took its place as a quintessential model for watchmaking. It was said that "a tank had stormed Cartier". As it went on to segue between decades and straddle the century, this trailblazing watch and its revolutionary form, style and elegance were to pioneer a decisively modern lifestyle. 

Paris, London and New York. 1847, 1902 and 1909. The Cartier brothers wasted no time in setting out to conquer the world. The entire Cartier back catalogue is coloured by this quest to open up to the international stage. The story of the house's iconic tank watch typifies the pattern: following in the footsteps of the Tank Américaine and Tank Française, the Tank Anglaise was a logical progression. 

Tank Américaine 

Designed in 1987 and launched in 1989, the Tank Américaine watch followed in the footsteps of the Tank Cintrée, borrowing its curved case while updating the design with a more compact rectangular form and rounded brancards. 

The power and elegance of its elongated, slightly arched form made this watch a classic. In its display of strength, the piece may be considered a tribute to the Tank watch presented to General Pershing. 

Tank Française

The Tank Française watch, launched in 1996, updated the classic Tank legacy of the parallel-set lateral brancards, Roman numeral dial, chemin-de-fer chapter ring, bâton hands, and a fluted winding crown decorated with a sapphire cabochon. In a bold departure, the curved case was set in a chain-link bracelet. 

As functional as it was stylish, boasting seamless lines, this archetypal wristwatch was a true feat of design. 

Tank Anglaise 

The Tank Anglaise watch is pure, distilled Tank. Featuring a concentrated form and emboldened lines, the fortified design offers proportion to spare. Cartier pairs this generous, ample volume with characteristic Tank features such as the strap seamlessly incorporated into the case, Roman numerals, chemin-de-fer chapter ring, and blued-steel sword-shaped hands. The signature parallel brancards now house the winding crown, which is perfectly streamlined. 

The Tank Anglaise watch is available in three ladies' and men's sizes in three colours of gold. The large models are powered by the Manufacture MC 1904 movement, visible through the open back. 

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