Virgilia Collection

Virgilia Collection

The wife of Coriolanus, Virgilia has been described as ‘perhaps loveliest’ of Shakespeare’s heroines. Along with her mother-in-law, she pleads with Coriolanus not to go to war with Rome. Through scenes with Virgilia, the audience sees a gentler, more tender side of the army general. She evokes both passion and respect – theirs is a happy marriage.

Our Virgilia ring is similarly worthy of devotion. Available in both solitaire and three-stone versions, the Virgilia features a finely split, diamond-set shank. Inspired by the delicate jewellery of the Edwardian period, it is a beautifully refined setting that elevates and draws attention to the central stone.

The Virgilia is entirely handcrafted within our British workshop, with the central diamond or diamonds held in place with four claws. The coronet settings are custom-made to fit each stone. The benefit of this setting is twofold: not only are the diamonds held in place more securely, but the ring offers a beautifully elegant profile when viewed from the side.

The split shank is also designed and finished to suit the individual stone. Our craftspeople pay particular attention to the shoulders, ensuring that the divergent bands are as fine as possible. Two rows of brilliant-cut diamonds are separated by tiny, beaded platinum edges: a detail known as a millegrain finish. Millegrain (meaning “a thousand grains”) was often used in Edwardian jewellery and emphasises the ring’s vintage feel. This seemingly small design detail results in a supremely elegant, sophisticated ring, perfect for those who are seeking an elevated version of a classic.

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