Rosalind Collection

Rosalind Collection

The daughter of exiled Duke Senior, Rosalind is one of Shakespeare’s strongest female protagonists. As You Like It follows the story of her banishment to the Forest of Arden, her romance with the handsome poet Orlando, and her eventual reunion with her father. Knowledgeable and quick-witted, she offers droll observations on the roles of men and women in society. She commands attention - as does the ring that bears her name.

The Rosalind engagement ring is a beautifully crafted, traditional three-stone design. Also known as trilogy or trinity rings, they were popular in Victorian times, and have enjoyed a resurgence as a strong and timeless alternative to a diamond solitaire. The three diamonds symbolise a couple’s past, present and future, and represent their enduring love, friendship and fidelity.

Pragnell’s version sees three brilliant-cut diamonds held side-by-side in custom-made coronet settings. The coronet setting allows light to enter from the side, maximising the diamonds’ brilliance, while the claws are finely finished to minimise the amount of metal seen. A tapered platinum band draws the eye towards the stones.

The proportions of the diamonds are carefully considered to achieve a harmonious balance. In our classic Rosalind design, the centre stone is marginally larger than the two side stones. We can also create bespoke versions with a more prominent central diamond, or with three equally sized stones. Whatever the composition, each diamond is expertly selected for its beauty and quality, resulting in a ring that shines as brightly as Rosalind does on stage.

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