Pragnell Diamond Sourcing

Pragnell Diamond Sourcing

At Pragnell, our name is our bond. We know that our reputation and integrity rest on the quality of our diamonds. This is why we employ experts in the field of gemmology. They ensure that each and every one of our diamonds is not only of the highest standard, but also responsibly and ethically sourced.

Independant certification

All diamonds from Pragnell are certificated by one of the world's leading independent gemmological laboratories. Certification is a strictly administered process for evaluating and grading diamonds based on the 4Cs, along with further detailed characteristics. The top four organisations to be internationally recognised for their superior professional expertise in the field of diamond grading are GIA, AGSL, HRD and IGI.

In-house expertise

Our Graduate Gemmologists hold one of the most respected qualifications in the precious gemstone industry. They view many diamonds, but only select the most brilliant and liveliest stones that perform to an equal or better colour and clarity grade than stated on the certificate. They also assess the distinctive, individual attributes of each stone. This process is particularly important at Pragnell, due to the range of diamond cuts used in our jewellery, whether it is rough diamonds, rose cuts, old cuts or the modern brilliant.

Conscience-clear diamonds

Every diamond we have ever dealt with, and will ever deal with, is 100% conflict free.All Pragnell diamonds adhere to the Kimberley process; an international monitoring system that eliminates the trade in conflict diamonds by controlling the movement of rough diamonds. Thanks to careful tracking of each diamond throughout its journey, you can rest assured that your diamond is natural, untreated and conflict free.

Environment protection

The original source of all diamonds lies deep beneath the earth’s crust, where rough diamonds are formed from carbon.However, these natural products and processes must be respected if we are to look after our planet for future generations. Responsible diamond-mining companies are therefore committed to the preservation and protection of wild habitats, their species and the wider natural world through long-term environmental management programmes.

Economic benefits of mining

The support provided to developing nations involved in the diamond industry is vital to their social and economic development. This includes the advancement of women, who must be allowed to participate fully – and equally – in their community. Many diamond-mining companies provide career opportunities and professional training for men and women entrepreneurs, together with good healthcare and free education for all their employees, their families and surrounding communities. As a result, the whole local economy benefits and thrives.

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