Miranda Collection

Miranda Collection

‘Perfect and peerless, created of every creature’s best’: as the daughter of sorcerer Prospero in Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Miranda is the model of feminine grace and virtue. She is the only female to appear on stage in the play. Charming and gentle Miranda falls in love with shipwrecked Prince Ferdinand, whom she eventually marries.

Exquisite and ethereal, Miranda embodies the magic of the enchanted island on which she lives. The Miranda ring echoes her feminine charm: a classic diamond solitaire with a literal twist. A brilliant-cut diamond is clasped within four claws at the centre of a twisted, sculptural setting that calls to mind the storm that brings Miranda’s future husband into her life.

Each of the claws flows seamlessly from the gallery of the ring, wending their way around the diamond while allowing the maximum amount of light into the stone, for exceptional brilliance and sparkle. The diamond can be admired from every angle: as graceful from the side as it is from the top.

Imbued with a playful sense of movement, the silhouette has been carefully considered to sit beautifully on the finger, and fit seamlessly against a matching wedding band. The gently undulating band is available in plain polished platinum or set with delicate channel set diamond, adding more sparkle to this beguilingly ladylike design.

The Miranda is perfect for the fashionable bride who’s looking for a timeless ring with an enchanting point of difference.

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