Ring Resizing

Professional jewellery resizing service available from George Pragnell, one of the worlds finest prestige jewellers.

Ring Resizing

There are many reasons why ring resizing is sometimes necessary. Warm weather, weight gain and many other factors mean that sometimes a ring needs to be carefully cut and resized so that it doesn’t become permanently and uncomfortably attached. Another reason for ring resizing is when a ring transfers ownership from one person to another. This applies equally to men’s ring sizing as it does to ring sizing for women. As with much of our repair work, we use state-of-the-art lasers to re-weld the join so that the repair does not show. The cost of ring sizing depends on whether the ring needs to be made larger or smaller and whether it is made out of gold, silver, platinum or another type of metal.

  Silver 9CT Gold 18CT Gold Platinum
Size Down - 1 Size £35 £45 £55 £75
Size Up - 1 Size £35 £48 £60 £80
Each Additional Size £5 £12 £18 £25
Ring Springs - £105 £195 £460
Bumps or Pips £23 £35 £60 £110


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