The handmade, one-off, pieces in this exclusive collection represent some of the finest jewellery in the world. Only when we have created something extraordinary from something exceptional can it be called a Pragnell Masterpiece.​
£ 89,250

Masterpiece Brilliant Cut Diamond Necklace
23.05CT in Platinum

£ 99,750

Masterpiece Cushion Cut Tanzanite Long Necklace
35.00CT in Platinum

£ 35,700

Masterpiece Pear Cut Burmese Pink Sapphire Pendant
5.30CT in Yellow Gold

£ 45,000

Masterpiece Cushion Cut Tourmaline Pendant
15.67CT in Yellow Gold & Platinum

£ 15,750

Masterpiece Bead & Briolette Cut Emerald & Diamond Necklace
115 Stones in White Gold

£ 46,200

Masterpiece Antique Cushion Cut Sapphire Pendant
14.00CT in Yellow Gold