We have an enduring passion for all coloured gemstones. From the legendary mythology to their international origins, each inspires our designs and craftsmen to create unique pieces that celebrate the stones' natural beauty.
£ 43,315

Masterpiece Black Opal & Diamond Brooch
2.81CT in White Gold

£ 24,000

Masterpiece Cabochon Black Opal & Diamond Earrings
7.55CT in Platinum

£ 99,750

Masterpiece Cushion Cut Tanzanite Long Necklace
35.00CT in Platinum

£ 45,000

Masterpiece Brilliant Cut Indicolite Tourmaline Earrings
12.66CT in Yellow Gold & Platinum

£ 23,000

Masterpiece Cabochon Black Opal Ring
6.70CT in Platinum

£ 17,500

Masterpiece Oval Cut Tourmaline Ring
5.59CT in Yellow Gold

£ 45,000

Masterpiece Cushion Cut Tourmaline Pendant
15.67CT in Yellow Gold & Platinum

£ 16,015

Masterpiece Cushion Cut Pink Spinel Ring
7.43CT in Yellow Gold

£ 21,000

Masterpiece Cabochon Black Opal Ring
5.81CT in Platinum

£ 28,000

Masterpiece Cushion Cut Malaya Garnet Ring
17.27CT in Yellow Gold

£ 75,000

Masterpiece Cabochon Lightning Ridge Black Opal Ring
5.60CT in Yellow Gold