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Tarratt has joined the Pragnell family Jewellery company

Welcome to the Pragnell website where you can browse our complete offering across the company including handcrafted jewellery, fine Swiss watches and a full range of jewellery and watch services.

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George Pragnell珠宝首饰系列集中体现了我们的哲学理念。你会发现George Pragnell的整个珠宝系列将精美珠宝饰品的各个元素糅合在一起,我们精湛的制作工艺、 顶级的宝石、 极富个性、 开拓创新和令人激动的设计贯穿始终。欢迎您来探寻我们 “泡泡” 系列的鸡尾酒钻戒、独特的镶有多姿多彩宝石的 “踏步石”系列项链以及 “伊甸园” 系列和“波斯” 系列别致的钻石珠宝。

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