Antique Jewellery

Each heirloom is carefully inspected by our in-house experts to ensure its authenticity, provenance and finish are of the highest standard. These unique pieces are ready to bring another lifetime of joy.
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Each heirloom is carefully inspected by our in-house experts to ensure its authenticity, provenance and finish are of the highest standard. These unique pieces are ready to bring another lifetime of joy.
£ 2,450

Victorian Ruby Ring
2.00CT in Yellow Gold

£ 1,950

Three Stone Diamond & Ruby Ring
0.45CT in Yellow Gold

£ 975

Sapphire & Diamond Cluster Ring
0.92CT in Yellow Gold

£ 2,300

Emerald & Diamond Cluster Ring
1.22CT in Yellow Gold & Platinum

£ 2,750

Aquamarine & Diamond Cluster Ring
1.50CT in Platinum

£ 13,000

Art Deco Tiffany & Co Onyx Line Bracelet
in Platinum


Retro Bvlgari Rectangular Step Cut Trombino Ring
5.18ct in Yellow Gold

£ 9,800

Walter Lampl Prancing Horse Cuff Bracelet
18ct Yellow Gold

£ 98,000

Van Cleef & Arpels Bypass Diamond Ring
16.00ct in Platinum

£ 4,800

Mauboussin Diamond Double Leaf Earrings
0.60ct in Yellow Gold

£ 24,800

Tiffany & Co. Art Deco Diamond Bracelet
7.75ct in Platinum

£ 23,100

Mauboussin Bombé Cocktail Ring
Yellow Gold and Diamonds c.1950s

£ 18,700

Edwardian Rattlesnake Ring
Platinum, Diamond, Emerald and Ruby

£ 19,500

Boivin Chevalier Bombé Cocktail Ring
Yellow Gold, Platinum, Diamonds, Emerald

£ 2,640

Victorian Double Headed Serpent Ring
0.46CT in 18ct Yellow Gold and Diamond

£ 2,640

Edwardian Double Headed Serpent Ring
0.56CT in White Gold

£ 15,840


Cartier Yellow Gold, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby and Diamond Five Row Earrings

£ 87,450


Cartier Paris Yellow Gold and Diamond Bombe Ring
3.50ct Old Cut Diamond

£ 22,000


Cartier Fancy Link Double Necklace in 18ct Yellow Gold

£ 24,500

Carlo & Arthur Giuliano Yellow Gold, Emerald and Diamond Enamel Pendant

£ 5,720

Art Deco Three Stone Plaque Ring
Ruby, Diamond & Platinum

£ 12,100

Art Deco Plaque Ring
Ruby, Diamond and Platinum

£ 88,000

Art Deco Boivin Cocktail Ring
Platinum, Diamond and Onyx

£ 3,250

Van Cleef & Arpels Coral and Diamond Philippine Ring
in 18ct Yellow Gold

£ 24,500

Art Deco Diamond & Onyx Line Bracelet
in Platinum

£ 7,250

Emerald and Diamond Target Ring
1.36CT in Platinum

£ 6,500

Emerald and Diamond Target Ring
1.12CT in Platinum

£ 38,500

Retro Sapphire, Diamond and Emerald Ring
10.46ct in 18ct Yellow Gold and Platinum

£ 5,450

Diamond Star Drop Earrings
2.20CT in 18ct Yellow Gold and Platinum

£ 3,150

Bvlgari Diamond Clip Earrings
0.65CT in 18ct Yellow Gold

£ 27,500

Art Deco Emerald and Diamond Ring
2.00CT in Platinum

£ 8,750

Emerald and Diamond Target Ring
1.34CT in Platinum

£ 6,100

Edwardian French Sapphire Coin Bangle
0.72CT in Yellow Gold

£ 4,500

Edwardian Diamond Plaque Ring
in White Gold

£ 6,400

Edwardian Circle Brooch
with Sapphires & Pearls in Yellow Metal

£ 1,800

Edwardian Cinquefoil Brooch
with Rubies & Diamonds in Yellow and White Gold

£ 10,700

Belle Époque Natural Pearl Ring
3.95CT in Rose & White Gold

£ 12,400

Belle Époque Diamond Target Ring
1.37CT in Platinum & Yellow Gold

£ 4,600

Art Deco Diamond Ring
0.80CT in Platinum

£ 18,700

Art Deco Diamond Bracelet
in Platinum

£ 1,750

1960s Square Etched Cufflinks
in Yellow Gold

£ 5,250

Victorian Tortoise Brooch in Tiger's Eye, Rose Gold and Silver, with Diamond and Ruby Accents

£ 10,500

Retro French Blue Lapis Ring
in Yellow Gold

£ 32,500

Colombian Emerald & Diamond Ring
3.19CT in 18ct Yellow Gold

£ 19,750

Art Deco Diamond Cluster Ring
1.45CT in Platinum

£ 3,950

Art Deco Diamond Bombé Ring
0.51CT in Platinum

£ 13,000

Art Deco Diamond and Onyx Plaque Ring
2.68CT in Platinum

£ 37,000

Edwardian Colombian Emerald Ring
5.60CT in Platinum

£ 48,000

Edwardian Jade Bead Necklace
1.00CT in Platinum

£ 13,500

Art Deco Sapphire Heart Ring
1.87CT in Platinum

£ 8,500

Edwardian Seed Pearl and Diamond Choker
6.57CT in Platinum

£ 2,800


Contemporary Cartier Juste Un Clou Diamond Pendant
0.12ct in White Gold

£ 9,250

Contemporary Colombian Emerald Ring
1.60CT in Platinum

£ 21,000

Art Deco Diamond Plaque Ring
1.70CT in Platinum

£ 36,500

Edwardian Pearl and Diamond Collar
2.64CT in Silver and Yellow Gold

£ 9,500

Victorian Burmese Ruby Ring
3.30CT in Yellow Gold

£ 17,500

1980s Diamond and Sapphire Cluster Ring
2.00ct in Platinum and Yellow Gold

£ 1,200

Edwardian Ruby Ring
0.78CT in Yellow Gold

£ 45,000

Art Deco Colombian Cabochon Emerald Ring
5.02CT in Platinum

£ 2,950


Cartier Sapphire Cufflinks
0.96CT in Yellow Gold

About Antique Jewellery

Founded in 1954, we have over sixty years of experience dealing with the very best examples of antique and vintage jewellery, which are hand selected and vetted by a member of the Pragnell family.

We are experts at understanding the unique charm and allure that antique jewellery possesses. Showcasing over two hundred years of superb design and craftsmanship, handling a fine Georgian ring or Art Deco pendant is an exciting experience that truly brings history to life. Our carefully curated selection has been chosen to offer both pieces that can be worn and enjoyed by the modern woman, and collected for their uniqueness and rarity.

Our collection of eye-catching signed pieces is particularly noteworthy, and features important examples from the Houses of Boucheron, Bvlgari, Cartier, Rene Boivin & Van Cleef & Arpels.

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